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For Water leak emergencies in your home or on your street after 4pm Monday through Friday or on a weekend, please call the Non-emergency county control number listed above in the picture for the quickest response.

Attention Sewage Customers:

There was a computer error on the I & I Surcharge billed on your September usage. This error was caused by the billing software and is not a result of incorrect meter readings. The corrected amount will be reflected on and added to your October billing, which you will receive in November. We are sorry for the inconvenience.


The public viewing period for the
FFY 2017 CDBG Application has been changed
to November 15th through November 17th.

Sandy Township Clean Up Day Information:
The 2nd Monday of each month until 4pm.
Announcement flier
Items you can dispose of are limited. Please read the announcement flier for more information.

Plan on filling a pool? Fill out this form to let us know and save yourself the money paid for sewage costs of the water that you used.

Is your water/sewer bill too high? Read this before you call could save you money!

Sandy Township, was established as a 2nd class township in 1878, and is governed by a five member Board of Supervisors. It is home to a myriad of businesses, industrial parks, and an intermodal rail hub. A growing residential, commercial, and industrial community that encompasses 52 square miles. The 2010 census shows the total population of Sandy Township at 10,625, with 5,058 housing units; the largest municipality in Clearfield County. Within the borders of the township is a gated recreational subdivision known as Treasure Lake with a population of 3,861 and 2,034 total housing units.

The township contains a 12 acre recreational park which offers rental pavillions, a playground, volleyball court, walking paths, a groomed and fenced baseball/softball field, concession stand, and full running water bathrooms. The park is open seasonally from May through October each year. During the seasonally open times, the park is unlocked and available from dawn to dusk and is attended part time by a maintenance official.

In a constant effort to continue growing the economy of the area, Sandy Township has partnered with the City of DuBois and Falls Creek Borough to form the SDF Enterprise Zones within the state efforts of the Department of Economic and Community Development. Because of this state designation the SDF EZ group is afforded the ability to apply, on behalf of indutrial and manufacturing businesses located within the EZs, for the competetive grant to loan program that they offer to provide businesses with very low interest loans for various projects. If you own a business currently in the Sandy Township, DuBois, or Falls Creek area or are looking to relocate to the area; check out the Economic Development department page for more information. We can help!