How do I establish service with the Municipal Authority?

Call the Water/Sewer billing department at 814.371.4220.

Are there any special requirements when I sell my home?

Call the Water/Sewer billing department at 814.371.4220.

Complete a smoke testing application if on public sewer.

Inform the water/sewer Department of your: *closing date and closing company/attorney

How do I discontinue service from my residence?

Call the Water/Sewer billing department at 814.371.4220

Where can I pay my bill?

There are multiple ways:


1. Use the dropbox or pay in person at Farmer’s National Bank:


Farmer’s National Bank

861 Beaver Drive
DuBois, PA 15801


2. Through the mail:


Farmer’s National Bank

861 Beaver Drive
DuBois, PA 15801


3. At the Municipal Building:

1094 Chestnut Avenue, DuBois, PA


4. Using your bank’s online bill pay system.


5. Online with a credit card.


6. Using the ACH Direct Debit Option.

What are the Sandy Township Municipal Authority billing procedures?

  • Monthly by USPS mail service
  • Should be received no later than the 10th of each month
  • Payments due by the 25th of each month

What is the current rate schedule?

Current rates as of Jan 2020

Monthly maintenance fee of $12.25 per bill


  • $16.00 – Per 1,000 gallons used (Minimum billed is 1,000 gallons)

Sewer (metered)

  • $18.50 – Per 1,000 Gallons up to 1,000,000 gallons (Minimum billed is 1000 gallons)
  • $10.50 – Per 1,000 Gallons from 1,000,001 through 3,500,000 gallons
  • $6.50 – Per 1,000 Gallons over 3,500,000 gallons

Sewer (unmetered)

  • $179.45 – Four (4) or more person household
  • $138.75- Three (3) person household
  • $96.20 – Two (2) person household
  • $40.70 – One (1) person household

What are the current tapping fees?


  • $1500.00 – Plus the cost of the water meter.


  • $1330.00 – Commercial (Per EDU ‘263 gpd’)
  • $50.00 Application Fee
  • $1330.00 – Per EDU (263 gpd)
  • $1330.00 – Single Family Unit
  • $2660.00 – Two Family Unit
  • $1330.00 – Multi Family Unit (per unit)
  • $1330.00 – Mobile Home

In addition for Sewer for new structures with sewage flows to the City of DuBois

  • $1626.00 – Per EDU (214 gpd)
  • $1626.00 – Single Family Unit
  • $3252.00 – Two Family Unity
  • $1626.00 – Multi Family Unit (per unit)
  • $1626.00 – Mobile Home
  • $1626.00 – Commercial (Per EDU ‘214 gpd’)

How are sewage charges calculated into my bill?

Sewage charges are reflected upon the water usage for customers who have water service through us or the City of DuBois. For those customers who have sewage but are on a well for their water, meters have been installed to monitor your well usage and your sewer charges are based on that, just as a regular water customer’s would be.

How do I acquire and review public records consistent with the PA Right-To-Know Law?

You must fill out a Right to Know request form and submit it to Shawn Arbaugh upon completion.


This form can be mailed to:


Right-To-Know Request

c/o Shawn Arbaugh
P.O. Box 267
DuBois, PA 15801


Dropped off in person at the Sandy Township Municipal Authority building at:


1094 Chestnut Ave., DuBois, PA 15801


Faxed to: (814)-375-7837


Or emailed to Shawn Arbaugh at

What kind of health information is available regarding our drinking water?

  • Our testing schedule is laid out by the Pennsylvania DEP and the Federal EPA
  • For real-time updates on the quality of your water visit, the Drinking Water Reporting System, hosted by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. There you can search for test results, inventory, and violations dating back 5 years.

Where is the current water quality report?

The report is mailed out to each billing address we have on file for our water customers on an annual basis before the end of June. The most current one can be found HERE.

How do I detect leaks in my home or business?

Please visit our How to Detect a Water Leak Page for instructions on how to detect a leak in your home or business.

How can I prevent my pipes from freezing?

Please visit our Prevent Freezing Pipes Page for more information.


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