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Perry Bowser Township Engineer

Perry Bowser has been with the township since 1989, and as the municipal engineer, his duties are vast and technical. As required by the Second Class Township Code, a township engineer must be licensed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as a Professional Engineer and is appointed by the board of supervisors of the township.

The duties of the engineer are as directed by the board of supervisors for the construction, reconstruction, maintenance and repair of streets, roads, pavements, sanitary sewers, water systems, bridges, culverts, and other engineering works. The township engineer prepares reports, information or estimates on any township engineering work or on questions submitted by the board of supervisors.

The engineer is typically involved in a project from the initial planning stage through design, bidding and procurement to the construction and start-up of the public work. In addition to his involvement in township public works projects, the engineer is also involved in the review of plans for private development within the township. The engineer determines compliance of the proposed private work with the engineering aspects of township regulations. The engineer’s work is affected by a variety of factors, including government regulations, public safety, construction costs and environmental angers.

Perry also handles mapping duties for all of the township's public infrastructure. In 2012, the township is embarking on a new GIS/GPS mapping project which will map all of the township's roads, water, sewer, and storm water drainage systems. Perry is heading up that project as well with designing the database and mapping structure of the program and will oversee the collection of the GIS data that will be used in the mapping process.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 259,320 municipal engineers employed in the United States as of May 2009. More than 50 percent worked for architectural or engineering firms, so the township is privileged to have an in-house engineer, rather than being forced to contract out daily activities.

Perry can be contacted by calling the township office at (814) 371-4220 or by using our contact form.

Zoning/Code Enforcement Officer & Planning Commission Director

Jenna Gorney

As Sandy Township’s Planner, I aim to ensure our neighborhoods and commercial corridors are beautiful, healthy, and thriving.   

I believe successful planning requires a combination of enhancing our existing assets through code enforcement measures, building a strong sense of place in order to strengthen our neighborhoods, and working to explore and develop our growth potential in a way that maintains our small-town charm. 

The Planning and Zoning office is here to assist with all your planning needs for questions regarding:

· Permitting

· Land development

· Code enforcement

· Economic development

Please contact Jenna Gorney at the township office at (814)371-4220 by email at, or by visiting the Township building during office hours: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 9am-11am and 1pm-3pm. 

For your convenience, several documents have been made available online for download and review, as well as applications for general permitting. These can be filled out and returned with the other required paperwork to obtain permits.   

Please remember that all online copies of codesordinances, and maps are for review only and are not to replace the printed copy located at the township office. If a discrepancy is to be found between the two, the printed copy will overrule the online copy. 

Pennsafe handles building permit issuance and inspections.  Applications and information can be found on their website.

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