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Public Works - Water/Sewer Department
How to check for a water leak inside your home/business
Plan on filling a pool? Fill out this form to let us know and save yourself the money paid for sewage costs of the water that you used.

For Water leak emergencies in your home or on your street after 4pm Monday through Friday or on a weekend, please call the Non-emergency county control number listed above in the picture for the quickest response.

The water and sewer department plays a vital role with the quality of life in Sandy Township. Public health is always the upmost concern within the department. Regular testing is done on both the water system and sewer system that we serve. The department is contantly monitoring water usage amongst the various entry points in the distribution system. When an overage is detected, the crew is out locating and fixing the problem, usually without any interruption of service to the customer base.

The department maintains a water pumping station, a water storage tank, multiple home meters, all of our various entry point master meters, 20.5 miles of water lines, a class "D" rated sewage treatment plant servicing the I80 exit 97 area, 4 sewage pumping stations, and 24.7 miles of sewer lines.

PA1 call marking is also handled by this department. CALL BEFORE YOU DIG ON ANY PROJECT, it's the law and it protects not only the lines below ground from becoming broken, but also yourself from injury and liability for damage.

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The water/sewer department consists of 4 people in total:
Name, Title Date of Hire
Scott Gudalis, Foreman
lic. sewer collection system oper.
Matthew Smith, Equip. Operator
(Lead water and sewer oper.)
lic. sewer treatment plant oper.
lic. sewer collection system oper.
lic. water distribution system oper.
Art Beatty, Truck Driver 06/06/2011
Jordan Lydick, Truck Driver
lic. sewer collection system oper.
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Economic development is made more difficult if inefficient utility operations are typical in a community.

In Sandy Township, we strive to provide the best service possible.

Email or phone the public works director @ (814)-371-4220 with any issues that you may have.