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Public Works - Road Department

The road department is a vital part to the continuing efforts of transportation quality in Sandy Township. Everyday, they are making the roads better with continued improvements to surface and sub-surface material, stormwater drainage, signage, and visibility from the cutting of overgrowth along the road edges.

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The road deparment consists of 10 people in total:
Name, Title Date of Hire
Jody McKee, Foreman 10/08/2001
Gary Aravich, Mechanic 09/10/1984
Dave Brownell, Truck Driver 09/10/1990
Brian Hunsberger, Asst Foreman 09/19/2005
Kevin Crawford, Equipment Operator 09/19/2005
Tom Newell, Truck Driver 12/04/2006
Darren Mennitti, Asst. Mechanic 07/02/2010
Nathan Alvetro, Truck Driver 04/30/2012
Danny Gilbert, Truck Driver 11/17/2014
Brian Rosenberg, Truck Driver 07/06/2015
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Public works has always been, and will remain, the most important function performed by the majority of Pennsylvania municipalities. Historically, the vast majority of municipalities in the Commonwealth - rural townships and boroughs - performed this function nearly exclusively from other traditional municipal services. Few could debate the importance of snow removal when failure to efficiently accomplish that function could prevent citizens from getting to their places of employment, emergency equipment from reaching the site of the emergency, or commercial and industrial operations from conducting their daily business. The efficient provision of utility service to residential, commercial, or industrial customers is critical to quality of life and safety of a community. Economic development is made more difficult if degraded transportation systems are typical in a community.

In Sandy Township, we strive to provide the best service possible.

Email or phone the public works director @ (814)-371-4220 with any issues that you may have.