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Public Works
For Water leak emergencies in your home or on your street after 4pm Monday through Friday or on a weekend, please call the Non-emergency county control number listed above in the picture for the quickest response.

The public works department is a vital part of the daily operations within the township and the part that you will see the most as a resident of Sandy Township. The public works department consists of two very distinctly differing sub-departments each performing their duties to the upmost of their abilities and holding to the high standards that make our township one of the most highly maintained and updated in the state, the Road Department and the Water and Sewer Department.

In total, the entire department employs 13 people. These consist of 1 full time public works director, 2 full time department working-foremen, 1 full time assistant working-foreman, 1 full time mechanic, and 8 other full time employees.

These employees are responsible for the maintenance, installation, and repair of all of the 82 miles of road, 20.5 miles of water line, 24.7 miles of sewer line, stormwater drainage, and right-of-way upkeep associated with the roadways. They perform various duties as the seasons change, from snow removal in the winter time to cutting over-growth from the road edges in the summertime. The water and sewer department also operates a sewage treatment plant that treats the sewage for the I 80, Exit 97, area of the township and 4 sewage pumping stations. As of 2011, they also now are responsible for the operation and upkeep of a water pumping station and storage tank located along Main St Ext.

Email or phone the public works director @ (814)-371-4220 with any issues that you may have.

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