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Enterprise Zone Boards

There are 2 different boards for the SDF Enterprise Zone program; The Executive and Steering Board, and the Revolving Loan Fund Board. Each board functions differently, but for the same purpose; economic development within the Sandy, DuBois, Falls Creek area.

The Executive and Steering Board this board is the governing body for the SDF enterprize zone program. It is responsible for overseeing projects within the enterprise zone boundaries and tasked with approving loan applications, setting interest rates, and loan terms. The board has final approval that all documentation is in order before any check is issued to area businesses. The board is comprised of members from the SDF governing bodies and financial backgrounds:
  • Nancy Micks, Chair, President & CEO of the DuBois Chamber of Commerce
  • Mark Melohic, CPA
  • Herm Suplizo, DuBois City Manager
  • Dick Castonguay, Sandy Township Manager, EZ Administrator
  • Cindy Fritz, Falls Creek Borough Manager
  • Greg Reese, PNC Bank VP
  • Matthew Smith, Ex-Offico, EZ Coordinator

The Revolving Loan Fund Board manages the funds within the RLF account and approves activities that those funds are to be used for:
  • Greg Reese, PNC Bank VP
  • Dick Castonguay, Sandy Township Manager
  • Nancy Micks, President & CEO of the DuBois Chamber of Commerce
  • Mark Melohoc, CPA
  • Matthew Smith, Ex-Offico