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Economic Development Coordinator

Sandy Township is located along Interstate 80, and at the intersections of routes US-219, US-119, US-322, PA-255, and PA-830. A perfect combination of transportation that makes it simple from our area to manufacture and ship goods to anywhere in the US or world. With Penn State, Triangle Tech, Jeff Tech, and the DuBois Area School District located here; there is also no shortage of educated and qualified workers to fulfill the needed positions within the industries that have chosen to conduct business here. Click here to view commercial/industrial properties for sale in the area.

In a constant effort to continue growing the economy of the area, Sandy Township has partnered with the City of DuBois and Falls Creek Borough to form the SDF Enterprise Zones within the state efforts of the Department of Economic and Community Development.

Because of this state designation the SDF EZ group is afforded the ability to apply, on behalf of indutrial, manufacturing, high tech, and corporate offices of businesses located within the EZs, for the competetive grant to loan program that they offer to provide these businesses with very low interest loans for various state approved projects.

The economic development effort has established a revolving loan fund account through DCED's program to loan money to businesses of any type within the SDF area for various projects as well. Through our continuing efforts to grow that account, we hope to be self sustaining with it, and have it become an vital asset in assistance to the business community. If you own a business currently in the Sandy Township, DuBois, or Falls Creek area or are looking to relocate to the area; We can help!
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For more information on the program, we have our documentation available here for your review. If you'd like to apply for the low interest loan program that the SDF EZ offers, CLICK HERE for the application! This application must be filled out in completely and returned with all of the supplimental documentation.

WE KNOW, that PRIVACY MATTERS to you and your company! CLICK HERE to download our confidentiality agreement and look it over. This can either be filled out and submitted via our online contact form and it will be signed and returned to you, via email or mail, before you submit any other documentation to us; or calling and scheduling an appointment for the coordinator to meet you at your place of business to sign the document in person.

Program information and maps:

Please contact us if you have questions by calling the township office @ (814)-371-4220 or by using our contact form located on this site.