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Public Works - Director
Matt Cook

For Water leak emergencies in your home or on your street after 4pm Monday through Friday or on a weekend, please call the Non-emergency county control number listed above in the picture for the quickest response.

Matt Cook has been with Sandy Township since 1990. He has filled various positions here from laboror, truck driver, equipment operator to Assistant Road Foreman until his appointment to the position of Public Works Director in August of 2014.

He is responsible for assisting the township manager in daily operations of the township, preparing work orders and ensuring that the work gets completed to a high standard and in a timely fashion by both departments under him, searching for new and used equipment and trucks for the departments to perform their general duties, preparing bids for companies to submit quotes to the township, keeping a log of the activities of the departments working under him, and serving as a public relations coordinator by addressing any amount of the various issues that may arrive and need the attention of the public works department for correction.

The township has become more efficient performing daily public works operations by appointing a public works director. The duties that he performs has lightened the load on the working foreman of the departments as his work used to be mainly distributed to them. Having one contact person for the public to address with issues has also helped to achieve a more open line of communication that the township has never enjoyed before the creation of the public works director position.

Matt can be contacted by calling the township office @ (814)-371-4220 or by using our contact form located on this site.