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Assistant Secretary/Treasurer
Shelly Reasinger

Shelly has been with the township since 1997 filling the position of Assistant Secretary/Treasurer. Her daily duties keep her quite occupied. She ensures that all accounts payable and receivable are up to date and all township obligations are met on time and in full. She handles record keeping, all of the water and sewer billing duties, as well as payroll for the township's various employees.

Plan on filling a pool? Fill out this form to let us know and save yourself the money paid for sewage costs of the water that you used.

If your water/sewer bill is higher than normal, before you call to talk to Shelly or schedule a visit from the water/sewer department to check your meter, read our section on How to tell if you have a water leak inside your home.

Shelly can be contacted by calling the township office @ (814)-371-4220 or by using our contact form located on this site.